Quantumjex Uses


Aesthetic / Beauty

Quantumjex Needle free injection system compared to traditional needles and syringes, eliminates virtually all kinds of after treatment marks on the skin.


Quantumjex provides a virtually painless alternative for anesthesia. Quantumjex offers a quick and efficient anaesthesia, which will save you treatment time.


Quantumjex offers a state-of-the art system that virtually alleviates the pain of injections for adults and children with diabetes.

Local Anesthesia

Quantumjex provides local anaesthesia without the fear and pain of a needle. The local anaesthetic is applied in the mucosa using pressure to transport the active substance into deeper layers of the skin.

Vaccines / Growth Hormones

Quantumjex offers a virtually pain-free solution for vaccines or growth hormones.


Veterinary Use

Quantumjex is not just for humans. Quantumjex is ideal for veterinarian uses, because it reduces the trauma and lack of comfort during injection treatment of animals.

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