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Is Bleeding possible?

Bleeding does not usually occur when using Quantumjex. As with needle injections, Quantumjex might cause minimal damage to the uppermost capillaries.

In these very rare cases, this might cause a pin-sized drop of blood to emerge at the injection site. This is especially the case if the patient has been taking medication to treat cardiovascular disease (e.g., Marcumar, ASS100 = time-released aspirin) or normal aspirin for pain relief.

Can the Ampoules be used again?

No, in order to guarantee sterility and function, the ampoules are intended to be used only once. Quantum Inject does not recommend the use of ampoules multiple times.

What are the minimum respective maximum quantities of medication that can be administered per application?

A minimum of 0.03 ml, and a maximum of 0.50 ml of a liquid drug can be administered using the Quantumjex needle-free injector.

Using Insulin with Quantumjex?

Insulin works with Quantumjex. The Quantumjex needle-free injector is recommended for the injection of 3 units or more of standard U-100 insulin.


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